Do you offer Drone Coverage?


  • Yes! please note that drone photography is limited to faa regulations and restrictions and may not be allowed  in certain areas or under certain weather conditions.


How do I view my photos?


  • Proofs are viewed in your private wedding gallery on my website and are available for 1 year. 


Can I download my photos?


  • All images can be downloaded from the gallery immediately. They are not watermarked or “proofed”.


When will I receive my proofs? 


  • All proofs will be made available within 6 weeks of the wedding date


Who owns my photos? 


  • You own full rights to your images


Can my parents or in-laws choose their own images for their albums?


  • Parent albums can be customized with images chosen by the parents. They do not have to be exact duplicates of the bride and groom album.


Who will be editing my photos?


  • editing work is not farmed out to an editing service. It is all completed in house by the photographer.


do I get the digital files?


  • Digital files are included in every collection and al a carte options.  Some collections include the digital files on usb drive and some are digital delivery via the gallery only. (downloading).


Will I be assigned a photographer?


  • Kathleen felion is the owner and photographer and will conduct the consultations and the wedding photography as well as the editing of the final images. 


How many photos will I receive?


  • Every wedding varies but you can expect 300-700 images depending on the size and length of your wedding.


      Do you offer prints?


  • You bet! We have 3 different print packages and offer images in canvas, metal and wood as well. We have samples we can show you at consultation. print packages are shown on our pricing page.